How to get up to $50K Business Credit with the Capital On Tap Business Credit Card *Easy*

Business credit card with up to $50,000 credit limit.

  • Small business owners can get up to $50,000 in credit with a quick and easy application process.

Cashback rewards and payment options for a business credit card.

  • Cardholder can set limits on cards for VAs or add cards for rewards redemption.

Earning money through affiliate program.

  • Speaker 1 earns $600 from affiliate program by sharing link in videos and email list.

Using credit cards for business funding and building credit.

  • Speaker discusses using credit cards to build credit and generate passive income for businesses.

Applying for a business credit card with minimal credit.

  • Speaker 1 explains how to apply for a business credit card with Capital on Top, including required information and credit score requirements.


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