How to go VIRAL on TikTok | Tips and Tricks

Social media platforms and video creation.

  • Speakers discuss creating content for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, with a focus on engagement and virality.

TikTok content strategy and monetization.

  • Speakers discuss strategies for growing TikTok followers, including consistency and timing.

Using an app's features and doing research.

  • Speakers discuss using an app's features, saving research, and struggling with dance challenges.

Utilizing audio content for social issues and repurposing existing videos.

  • Utilize popular sounds and reupload videos to reach new audiences.

Using Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing.

  • Speaker 2 is struggling to get text to appear and disappear at the right time in their video, despite setting durations.

  • Speaker 1 provides guidance on how to work with multiple texts at once by putting them all in the video before setting durations.


I’m a mother of three daughters who like to shop, stamp their passports, and participate in activities like gymnastics, dance, and drama club.

In most ways, I am a typical working mom/content creator. Just like any working mother, I have tons to do at home for my kids AND in my business with little time to get it done.

However, despite having limited time, the bills still come every month, I like to travel, and my girls have expensive taste.

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