The Easiest Way to Make Money Online (Step-by-Step for COMPLETE Beginners)

Easy online money-making methods for beginners.

  • Beginners can make $2-$300/day with no sales, calls, or inventory using a phone, laptop, and WiFi.

Affiliate marketing for a writing service.

  • University Writing 911 offers $25 for affiliates to promote their service and earn $25 for each new customer order.

Easy affiliate marketing with pre-made content.

  • Company provides done-for-you content, including ads, emails, and viral videos, for easy affiliate marketing.

Easy content creation and payout options.

  • Speaker 1 emphasizes the ease of using the platform for beginners, with a simple payout process through PayPal or ZIL.

Affiliate marketing opportunities with high payouts.

  • Speaker 1 highlights affiliate marketing as a lucrative way to make money online, sharing examples of successful campaigns and resources for beginners.

  • Speaker 1 offers a list of 50 high-paying affiliate marketing opportunities in the comments and description of the video, encouraging viewers to subscribe for more content and side hustle ideas.


I’m a mother of three daughters who like to shop, stamp their passports, and participate in activities like gymnastics, dance, and drama club.

In most ways, I am a typical working mom/content creator. Just like any working mother, I have tons to do at home for my kids AND in my business with little time to get it done.

However, despite having limited time, the bills still come every month, I like to travel, and my girls have expensive taste.

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