TikTok paid off my CC debt, put $100K in the bank and PAID for my first investment property !!!!

Monetizing content and paying off debt.

  • Lorraine shared her story of paying off her credit card debt through investing in herself and her business.

  • Lorraine mentioned a credit card company she used, which she linked in the chat, and discussed how she found them.

  • Speaker 1 discusses monetizing content through affiliate marketing and promoting products on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube, earning money for promoting their business.

  • Speaker 2 asks questions about content monetization and the Creator program on TikTok, seeking insights from Speaker 1.

  • Speaker 1 started the 30-day challenge to help others overcome the fear of creating video content and get comfortable on the platform.

  • Speaker 1 created the challenge because they wanted to create something where people could post and critique each other's content without overthinking it.

Content creation and monetization strategies for social media platforms.

  • Speakers emphasize importance of creating and promoting content to build brand visibility and attract customers.

  • Speaker 2 advises content creators to prioritize self-monetization to avoid relying solely on platform payments.

Monetizing expertise and existing content.

  • Speaker 1 suggests monetizing expertise by creating content around it, such as study guides or Amazon influencer/associate work.

  • Speaker 2 agrees and encourages the audience to take advantage of their existing industry knowledge or niche to create valuable content and monetize it.

  • Speaker 1 monetizes their daily activities, such as hair care, by creating content and promoting products through TikTok and YouTube.

  • Speaker 2 agrees that documenting and monetizing daily activities can be easy and efficient, and suggests joining a challenge to learn more about it.

Creating content on TikTok and Instagram, monetization strategies.

  • Natasha provides tips for creating content on TikTok, including finding your niche and creating a consistent routine.

  • TikTok has specific requirements for its creator program, including being 18 years old and having 10,000 followers.

  • Speaker 1's first viral video was about sending kids to their dads for the weekend, and it was relatable content that resonated with viewers.

  • Speaker 1 monetized their content on Facebook in 2022 through the Facebook Reels bonus program, and their first check was $4,000.

Investing in personal growth and time management.

  • Speaker 2 shares their experience with repurposing content on TikTok and earning money from it, inspiring others to do the same.

  • Lauren emphasizes the importance of providing actionable steps and value to clients, rather than just using fluffy content.

  • Speaker 1 encourages listeners to invest in themselves by purchasing products or services that can help them level up in their business or personal growth.

  • Speaker 2 emphasizes the importance of investing in oneself, rather than wasting time on free resources that may not provide long-term value.

Creating and growing a social media presence.

  • Speaker 1 emphasizes the importance of doing research and finding a proven track record of results when investing in any venture.

  • Speaker 2 shares testimonials from clients who have seen significant growth and success after working with Speaker 1.

  • Lorraine is hosting a 30-day TikTok challenge for those who want to improve their content and analytics.

  • Speaker 1 encourages viewers to take a 5-second video and post it, starting their TikTok journey.


I’m a mother of three daughters who like to shop, stamp their passports, and participate in activities like gymnastics, dance, and drama club.

In most ways, I am a typical working mom/content creator. Just like any working mother, I have tons to do at home for my kids AND in my business with little time to get it done.

However, despite having limited time, the bills still come every month, I like to travel, and my girls have expensive taste.

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